Husqvarna TE610: Airbox Pre-Filter

The EHS Racing pre-filter on the Husqvarna TE610...

The EHS Racing pre-filter on the Husqvarna TE610…

While the 2009 Husqvarna TE610 has been a pretty fun bike, from the minute we got our grubby hands on it, there were some mods that needed to be done.  The bike is infamous for being shipped from the factory running lean, and there have been a few companies who have stepped up to adjust that issue…

EHS Racing Pre-Filter for the Husqvarna TE610

The pre-filter installed on the Husqvarna TE610

The pre-filter installed on the Husqvarna TE610

The first addition to the bike was the JD Tuner Surge 6X, which plugs into the harness, effectively remapping the pulses sent to the fuel injector, to modify the amount of gas the bike thinks it needs at any given throttle position.  This unit acts just like jet tuning – making it very easy to adjust, if you are accustomed to vintage carbs.

The mod that is often mentioned with the addition of a Surge 6X is the EHS Racing pre-filter for the airbox.  The Husqvarna TE610 is shipped with a cover over the air box, which has a couple small snorkel openings for air, but they are placed away from the mouth of the air box intake.  You would think that Husky planned this – but most owners agree that the addition of an opening, directly in front of the air intake, makes the bike breath easier.

The idea of having the more air intake, on a bike historically running lean, is counter-intuitive.  But the adjustments made with the JD Tuner, allow for fine tuning the new increased intake, making for a complimentary new fuel ratio.

EHS Racing makes models of the these air box covers with pre-filter for specific bikes, but for the Husqvarna TE610, you must choose a universal fit.  I chose the 4.5″x4.5″ model, which was suggested on the Cafe Husky forum.

Looking forward to a breath of fresh air!

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    1. It’s coming along! Next up, swap out the wheel for the supermoto wheels I have. Looking forward to ripping up the city with them – they should provide even better feel on the road than the Motoz on dirt rims that are on there now. 17″ rims with Avon Distanzas up next…

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