Honda SL350 gets clean…

Scotty wears the gear for cleaning a Honda SL350 engine....or asbestos.

Scotty wears the gear for cleaning a Honda SL350 engine….or asbestos.

Last year Scotty had some problems with his Honda CB350 while we were on our trip down south.  After the engine blew up, he needed parts, and happened on a guy selling several engines.  Jumping on the opportunity, it turned out that the guy wanted ALL of his junk gone, which included 4-5 motors and an almost complete Honda SL350…

The Honda SL350 gets a bath…in Toxic cleaner!

What the Honda SL350 should look like...eventually.

What the Honda SL350 should look like…eventually.

Since the focus was on rebuilding the broken CB350, the Honda SL350 sat in the corner, catching the eye of everyone who wandered through the garage.  There was something about this bike that captured attention, and inevitably everyone who saw it wanted to rebuild the thing.  It just looks cool.  The differences between the CB/CL series, and this SL are immediately apparent, with cross-bar handlebars, low exhaust that only turns up at the last minute, 1970’s dirt-style fenders and a stellar paint scheme.  This is one hell of bike!

When it was released in 1969, it was Honda’s way of getting away from the street scrambler bike, and embracing the off-road craze, helped made popular by On Any Sunday.  As the bike progressed through its lifespan, the front wheel became bigger, and a few pounds were shaved here and there.  But ultimately, it remained the one Honda 350 with some pizazz.

Toxic cleaning products get the Honda SL350 engine looking good...

Toxic cleaning products get the Honda SL350 engine looking good…

So after the Honda SL350 sitting in that corner for about a year, Scotty finally decided to have a go with rebuilding the thing.  The bike was stripped, the frame and wheels  put on a shelf, and the engine completely torn down.  The plan is to restore it to its former glory, and we look forward to seeing this thing back on the road.  Stay tuned for a damn good looking winter build…

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  1. I have a 1970 sl 350 also. Takes me back to when I was a kid. I need a taillight , lens, bracket and license plate bracket. Any help, or direction?

    1. Hey Rick! Thanks for checking out the site. I am sure the usual suspects will have the basic stuff you need to freshen up the bike, but the stock stuff can be harder to find. Your best bet at this point – if you are looking to keep the look stock, is to scour eBay and your local Craigslist. These bikes were incredibly popular at the Mid-Ohio gathering 2 years ago, so I know people have parts out there – it’s wrestling them from their greasy fingers that’s the problem 🙂

      Wish I could be of more help. Good luck. Send us a pic when you get a chance, we’d love to post it up.


  2. I bought one of these brand new in 1969, I was 19! what a great motorcycle! They came in 3 colors the blue one here, candy gold and candy red. Mine was blue. I put Pirelli tires on it and went canyon blasting on Hwy 33, 150, Decker Can. It sucks getting old but me and a couple of buddies had it all to ourselves back then…….

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