Hogs in the ‘hood: Suzuki DR650

A pristine Suzuki DR650 in Brooklyn?

A pristine Suzuki DR650 in Brooklyn?

I can attest to the value of having a dual-sport motorcycle to ride the streets of Brooklyn, but I typically see bikes that show the wear of having competed with the horrible road conditions and delinquent parking jobs.  But this Suzuki DR650 is mint!  And I mean MINTY FRESH…

The Suzuki DR650: for dirt and road alike…

The Suzuki DR650  has a long-range fuel tank...

The Suzuki DR650 has a long-range fuel tank…

As you can see, the engine doesn’t even show any grease leakage.  This Suzuki DR650 looks brand, spanking new.  But I’ve seen it parked in the same area for a while, so kudos to the owner for keeping this thing looking very non-Brooklyn.

Introduced way back in 1990, the single cylinder Suzuki DR650 saw few changes until 1996 with radically redesigned engine, lessening power but offering it in a smoother delivery.  The weight was also reduced by 55lbs.  In 2002, Suzuki decided to give the ol’ gal a facelift, finally updating the styling.

This dual-sport model has been a staple on the trails and roadways for over 20 years, making parts easily accessible, and a large aftermarket for add-ons.  While riders often mention that the Suzuki DR650 doesn’t do off-road OR on-road tremendously well, similar to the Kawasaki KLR650, common consensus seems to be that it does everything ‘just fine.’  In the market for a well priced dual-sport, then the Suzuki DR650 may be a good choice for the city rider looking to get some mellow dirt time.  It’s fairly bulletproof, and does decently with gas mileage.

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  1. I like this bike a lot and the Suzuki Dr series has been a stout line of bikes from the beginning in my opinion. I personally own a 1986 DR125 that I take on the trails and although it doesn’t stand up to the larger bikes in power and torque I have yet to ride this bike on a trail or up a hill that it couldn’t handle! It has been a very fun and amazing little machine. It may not get there the quickest but it gets there non the less and keeps on going!

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