Iron & Resin kick off 2013 right!

Photo Courtesy of Iron & Resin

Photo Courtesy of Iron & Resin

The folks at Iron & Resin seem to know how to set up a good time.  Not only that, but they often seem to invite Scott Toepfer along for the ride, who captures said good time better than anyone we have seen in a long, long time…

Iron & Resin do it again…

Not only have Iron & Resin developed a “one-off” brand of products aimed at motorcycle and surf culture, but have dedicated themselves to getting out there in the world to experience what inspires, excites and ultimately forges their next release.

Below is yet another beautifully shot, aptly soundtracked montage of a trip they took to the Central Coast.  I’m still not sure the clouds are real… but I sure hope they are.

Keep ’em coming!

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