Help! stolen bike: Kawasaki Super Sherpa

Help us find this stolen bike: Hannah's Kawasaki Super Sherpa...

Help us find this stolen bike: Hannah’s Kawasaki Super Sherpa…

Our good friend Hannah has had the quintessential NYC motorcycle owners nightmare.  Her beautiful and beloved Kawasaki Super Sherpa was stolen last night (1/5/13), while covered and chained directly in front of her Brooklyn home…

This is a fairly rare bike, only offered in the US from 1999-2003, and then being released here again in 2009.  So maybe there’s a chance that with a little luck, it may be spotted by someone in the local motorcycle community.  The nifty 250cc, air/oil cooled single-cylinder bike is perfect for getting around the city, and this model was something Hannah had been dreaming of for quite a while, before she grabbed it a couple years ago.

If anyone spots it around town, or on CL, please let us know.  We have already had one friend recover a bike, maybe Hannah can get lucky with this Kawasaki Super Sherpa…

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  1. I’ll be looking for another bike… if I get insurance $ for mine, I’d be ready soon, but even if not payed out, prob by spring/early summer anyways. (Waiting to hear from insurance co, but I’m pretty sure I don’t have theft coverage, bc when I bought the bike I weighed the hundreds of $ I’d have to pay for insurance vs the 2k I paid for the bike). I’d grab another KLR250 Super Sherpa in a heartbeat, but I’m also very drawn to vintage enduro/dualsport bikes, 175cc, etc, from the 70s and 80s. Like a Honda Elsinore, for example. So many people have told me I can handle a bigger bike, like a 650 etc- I’m sure I could, but I truly love the look and ease of small bikes, and the fact that I’m not super strong but I can handle them so well. I dropped my 250 once on my legs once, and was able to pick it up myself, but it was hard… that’s kind of a line for me, I want to be able to pick up my own bike, esp since I like offroad styles. So if you see an amazing find out there, let me know!

    1. I’ll definitely keep an eye out. But make sure you keep checking Craigslist too – and an eye on the neighborhood. I had a client find his own bike around the corner from his house!!!!

      1. that’s amazing. people have told me it’s probably totally parted out by now, in some scrapyard resell operation somewhere up in Queens, but it’s so encouraging to hear that you know someone who found his after it was jacked.. gives me a lil hope, and I love hopeful thinking!

        1. That’s a fucking shame! I hope you find the bike. It’s a cool bike. I always thought those were nice dual purpose bikes and she looked like she was a good one. Good luck!

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