Costa Rican Monster: Yamaha 125cc

A common bike found in Costa Rica - some type of Yamaha 125cc

A common bike found in Costa Rica – some type of Yamaha 125cc

MotoPreserve member Scotty took a trip with his wife down to Costa Rica.  The vacation was a long time coming, and the point was to get away from the daily hustle and bustle of NYC.  But that doesn’t mean he’d ever be able to escape his attraction to all things 2-wheeled.  After a few days, an email arrived with a photo of this bike, apparently some type of nondescript Yamaha 125cc, and Scotty mentioned that they are everywhere…

Yamaha 125cc: Keeping it small in Costa Rica…


Costa Rica has become a destination spot for adventure motorcycle tours, with companies running tours throughout the beautiful mountains, as well as jungles, volcanoes and beaches to sprinkle the route with some thrills.

But Scotty was there to relax, so he was at a beach community.  And like most places outside the of the continental US, the place is overrun with small displacement bikes.  The beauty above is adorned with some decent treads on the tires, probably good for sandy roads, and a seat that screams “you’re not in Brooklyn anymore!”

The front drum brake probably doesn’t offer the best stopping power available, but then again, hopefully people are taking it easy while cruising the beaches…

Can you identify this bike?  Shoot us a comment.

4 Replies to “Costa Rican Monster: Yamaha 125cc”

  1. I am thinking that is an RD125. Hard to tell since so much has been changed but I am just going off the shape of the engine cases and the shape of the tank and sidecover.

    When you get down south of texas, you get to see all sorts of fun things you haven’t even considered. For instance the old aircooled VW Beetle was still being produced in the south american market until 2006 (2002 in mexico), and you see them on VW dealer’s lots in the used car section all the time. in 1962 Ford sold all it’s tooling to Argentina for the Falcon which was then produced with only styling changes from 1962-1991. Ever see a brazillian Dodge charger?
    produced on the 1967-1969 Dart platform but with a larger charger style roof and grill design they are pretty common in south america.

    Same with bikes – the YT-125 two strokes and YB and YBE four strokes litter south america and mexico. The only thing the US got was an offroad trike called the yt-125. They didn’t always get older motorcycles however so it is rare to see stuff older than the 1970s that is japanese, and most of the japanese stuff is going to be small displacement.

  2. The side cover is deceiving but I think it is a Yamah RS125. The RD125 was a twin that engine is a single cylinder. Besides the side cover it looks like a 1978 RS125? The tank looks really similar to a 78 RS125 also. I know one thing, that bike has been around the block a few times.

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