Hogs in the ‘hood: Suzuki GT250

Suzuki GT250 on the way to a repair?

Suzuki GT250 on the way to a repair?

Wandering around the neighborhood near MotoPreserve the other day, we happened upon this Suzuki GT250, strapped onto a trailer headed for repair.  Lately, Suzuki seems to be the third name in hipster-chosen revival bikes, not as popular ’round these parts as the Honda and Yamaha…

Suzuki GT250 waiting to be restored…

The Suzuki GT250 came with a RAM air designed head...

The Suzuki GT250 came with a RAM air designed head…

The Suzuki GT250 was sold from 1973-1976, having had slight modifications to the previous Suzuki T250, and the Suzuki T20 “Hustler” models before that.  The air-cooled, 2-stroke twin had a displacement of 247cc providing 31HP, and a top-speed of 96mph.  Weighing in at about 350lbs, 1973 saw the welcomed addition of the single front disc brake.  The interesting Ram-Air system provided cool air to pass through the cylinders behind the block, and would remain in use until the major model change in 1977.

Worn, but classic Suzuki GT250 side cover...

Worn, but classic Suzuki GT250 side cover…

The Suzuki GT250 was approximately the size of most 400cc models of the day, and even performed (or out-performed) them in many respects.  Until the mid-70’s, the bike was the biggest seller in the UK.  But eventually air-quality restrictions caught up to the 2-stroke era, causing all manufacturers to shift toward the 4-stroke engine.

I believe this example is a 1974 model – based on the chrome headlight and headlight mounts.  While it’s looking a little rough around the edges, it will make a gorgeous restoration if that’s the way the own wants to take it.  For some reason, the Suzuki bikes are chosen for restoration around here as much.

UPDATE: We got a comment from the owner – who is building this beauty right here locally.  Check out his build thread over at Do The Ton.

Check out more info HERE

10 Replies to “Hogs in the ‘hood: Suzuki GT250”

    1. That’s awesome! Send us some photos and we will post them up. We are right around the corner (across from Indian Larry) from where these photos were taken. You’ll have to stop by.

    1. Looking good! Where are you doing the work on the bike?

      I like the color you are matching. Should be a beauty when you are all done with her.

  1. Thanks Scott, the work is being done at my friend’s shop JL Motorcycle Detail & Service. He’s a great friend, one of his guys is very familiar with the Hustler, and I get to wrench on it without any hassle. They don’t do restorations, but Jay is gladly helping me out to bring this beauty back to life.

    Me too, the Suzuki Copper color in the SV1000S is a beaut, I can’t wait to see the GT250 fully painted. Still deciding if I want to chop her up or keep it mostly original.

    1. Always tough to decide on chopped or stock on a classic bike like that – especially one you don’t see too many of… Keep us updated, and we will keep an eye on the DTT build thread.

  2. I might just keep it original…for now. I will keep updating the thread, and ocne it’s done ill swing by the shop. Cheers

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