Custom Honda CB750: Runs Smooth

Jarred takes a spin on the Custom Honda CB750...

Jarred takes a spin on the Custom Honda CB750…

Well, despite the critique of the tires, and what looked like the need for endless carb tweaking for the pod air filters, Jarred’s Custom Honda CB750 Super Sport is now running smooth…

Hard work pays off: custom Honda CB750

The smile says it all...Custom Honda CB750 soon will be for sale.

The smile says it all…Custom Honda CB750 soon will be for sale.

There is no question that dealing with carb tuning on a 4-cylinder bike can be a pain in the ass.  Actually, often dealing with carb tuning on ANY bike can be a pain in the ass!  Even with the stock air box, there is plenty to tweak and to get it just right.  So when Jarred started the final stages of this build, the addition of pod air filters created a challenge.  Some frustration, a bit of regained patience, and a tip from our friend Tim Harney (Harney Boy Racing) later and the bike was purring like a kitten.

Helmet on, fire it up, and Jarred was off down the road to see how it handled under load.  The carbs had been a bit problematic, but after some fine tuning, the bike flew roared up the street, and upon arriving back at the shop, the smile on Jarred’s face told the whole story.  Patience prevailed, and the Custom Honda CB750 now displays the power these bikes were known for.

Most builds have a few moments of frustration, and this Custom Honda CB750 was no exception.  But perseverance is key, and the it paid off in the end.  The bike looks good, pulls solidly through the entire throttle throw, and will soon be in the hands of some lucky customer…

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