Hogs in the ‘hood: Suzuki Intruder

A Suzuki Intruder loaded onto the back of a pickup truck, awaiting Winter Storm Nemo...

A Suzuki Intruder loaded onto the back of a pickup truck, awaiting Winter Storm Nemo…

With winter upon us, entries for the “Hogs in the ‘hood” posts have been scarce.  Most riders have their bikes locked away in hibernation, so getting shots on the streets has been tough.  Around the corner from MotoPreserve, I came across this chopper-esque Suzuki Intruder in the back of a truck, presumably waiting to be taken somewhere safe to ride out so-called ‘Winter Super Storm Nemo.’

Suzuki Intruder, not ideal for snow riding…

Suzuki Intruder - chopper or not?

Suzuki Intruder – chopper or not?

Technically, the Suzuki Intruder is consider a “Cruiser,” but compared to what I ride, the rake and trail is dramatic enough to be a chopper.  Introduced in 1985, the intruder was part of a wave of Japanese attempt to capitalize on the popularity of the Harley cruisers of the day.  Produced until 2005, when it was replaced by the Boulevard series, the bike came in various displacements from 400cc to 1500cc.

Based around the somewhat familiar looking 45 degree V-Twin engine, all models were shaft driven, with all but the largest models being water cooled.  Not a ton of info floating out there on the internet about these bikes.  There have been some people turning them into Brat-Style builds, but it seems a bike that has been lost to history.

The model name seems to have been revived, but the newer bikes are transformed into a full-blown bagger style, complete with the low stance and bling associated with those overblown bikes.

If you have any info, please feel free to pass it along…

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