A different Husqvarna…


The past few weeks have been filled with moving to my new home in the great state of Vermont. While this place holds some amazing roads for riding, the weather has not been cooperating. Rain, and then even late season snow yesterday – on Memorial Day!!!


First thing for me was to get the small garage space, now known as MotoPreserve North, outfitted with a couple work benches for the metal machinery. Had to delve into woodworking a bit to get this shit done. Countless trips to the hardware store for supplies later, the place is looking pretty good (if not a bit overstuffed!).


Out front of the hardware store I was amazed to see a Husqvarna – but of a very different kind. Unlike my trusty Husqvarna TE610, this one was a tad more utilitarian….

Oddly, Husky has co-opted the KTM colors for their line of riding lawn mowers…

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