MotoPreserve Ride: Delaware Water Gap


One of the things I’ll miss most about being away from Brooklyn, and the guys & gals at the original MotoPreserve garage, is getting the text early one Saturday to hit the road to escape the city for the day. A MotoPreserve Ride was a way to put the wrenches down, clean off the grease, and venture to parts unknown, just for the hell of it….


While I was on tour, I got a text letting me know that some of the boys had headed out on a little adventure to the Delaware Water Gap. Easy enough to get to, straight out I-80, but apparently not so easy to get home from…


While out on their day-trip, it seems the oil line on Jarred’s CB750 F decided to give up the ghost. After a gas station parking lot fix, the boys were back on the road, only to be hit by a thunder storm.

More waiting at a gas station hoping to dodge the rain, Scotty said they once more hit the road, only to be smack dab in the middle of the storm again. Soaked and wind-blown by the trucks on the highway, it appears all involved were happy just to “make it home in one piece.”


I think these are some of the things I’ll miss the most…


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