Watch Honda TT Legends team Doc

The HRC has put together a series of videos and documentaries to introduce you to their racing teams… 

Honda TT Legends are… LEGENDS!

One of the highlights of the series is the TT Legends Racing team, which includes riders John McGuinness and Michael Dunlop.  If you caught any of the Isle of Man TT this year, you saw Dunlop capture almost every premier top podium, except for the senior which MicGuinness would just not let go of.  Still retaining the title King of the Mountain, McGuinness looked as if he might pass the title to his teammate, but pulled out an impressive win in the final race.

Honda TT Legends team - Courtesy of HRC

Honda TT Legends team – Courtesy of HRC

Join in the fun and thrill as you follow these gods-on-two-wheels around the courses that hit the pinnacle on that small island off the coast of England…

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