Been too long…motorcycle road trip

The Versys packed for a motorcycle road trip...

The Versys packed for a motorcycle road trip…

It’s been far too long since I’ve updated the site. Apologies all around. But for those who may have been checking in, I’m back….

Motorcycle Road Trip in the rain…

Unfortunately, this was my only good, motorcycle road trip of the season, and here it is autumn already. Back to the grindstone after this quickie trip to Shinhopple in upstate NY though.  No, I didn’t make up that name. Shinhopple is a real place on the Delaware River.  Headed west to meet up with a good friend, and the ride was amazing.  At this point, ANY ride would be amazing, after waiting so long to hit the road.

Gorgeous ride, but I’m beat. Time to pitch the tent.

Stay tuned….

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