Gorgeous Yamaha XS650

Tom's awesome Yamaha XS650

Tom’s awesome Yamaha XS650

We have seen a ton of Yamaha XS650 builds, and one of our favorites is from right here at the shop – Danny’s build.  Our new friend Tom seems to have done it up right as well, and in a similar vein to Danny’s (non-cafe seems to be the link). Opting for a slightly more “modern” model, this XS has some great lines. 

Tom's Yamaha XS650
To top it off, we are suckers for raw metal – so this tank strikes a chord. Apparently Tom has moved on – and has just bought a chopped Harley. Talk about variety!

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  1. That brings back the memories. I had one and a friend that knew how to trick it out. I could take on larger Kaw 750 and other and leave them in the dust. I miss that old bike.

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