Big changes around here…

Add some technology to your toolbox!

Add some technology to your toolbox!


For those of you following along, you’ve noticed there has been very little activity around the site over the past few months…  Couple reasons for that: we have moved from Vermont to back to Brooklyn, moved into a new shop, and have begun final preparations to release the MotoPreserve iOS App.  These things have taken their toll on our sanity, but just to throw an extra wrench in the works (as well as hammers, sockets, lathes and mills!), we have decided to update the look and feel of the web site. Good grief!

All that aside, we are looking forward to some good things for this 2016 riding season: more vintage motorcycle builds, more custom parts and the brand new App to name a few.  Stick with us – it’ll be worth the ride!

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