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Courtesy: Stories of BikeCourtesy: Stories of Bike, Motorcycle Video Series

Courtesy: Stories of Bike, Motorcycle Video Series

Back in 2012 a man named Cam Elkins set out to create some motorcycle videos that dug a little deeper than the ones he’d been seeing online.  With the help of his brother Jack, the two set out to tell the stories of those who ride, and what it means to them…Although the team is small, the quality in the stories, editing and music from these two brothers is beyond what we typically see for moto-related films.  Not only do they look and sound great – they achieve what they set out to do, tell a story.

The film series has a wide range of riders, some known throughout the internet, some more obscure.  One thing the films all have in common is that all the stories strike at the heart of what motorcycle riders know – that there is something special when you throw your leg over that bike.  The series is now in the 3rd season, and each new film seems to get better and better.  With this latest installment, they visit with Alicia, AKA TheMotoLady.

Check out more about the Films HERE:

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