Early on…

…phase 2

MotoPreserve started as a garage and work space in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  The shop was created by a collective of like-minded motorcycle and scooter enthusiasts, intent on learning, tuning, wrenching and bettering their bikes.  In a city that often makes it very difficult to own a motorcycle or scooter, MotoPreserve is a group of riders dedicated to preserving their scoots.

Then came the move…

After sitting for 8 months, the Honda CB550 gets snowed in...

After sitting for 8 months, the Honda CB550 gets snowed in…

I upped and moved myself to Vermont – intent on striving for a big life change.  But of course that doesn’t mean that the wrenching will stop.  In fact, it only means that there will now be a MotoPreserve North.  Stay tuned for updates on the new shop, and the projects we will be tackling in the wilds of the Green Mountain State…

A two year round trip, and I find myself back in Brooklyn.  Same neighborhood, same great motorcycle community.  It’s good to be home…


…the new 2016 Brooklyn shop

In addition to detailing the custom builds and handmade parts we build, this site has become a meeting place for folks who want to check out step-by-step wrenching techniques, follow the latest news on motorcycling, read about inspired builds, or just check out some cool photos from around the web.  Have questions or something to offer?  Shoot us an email or comment at the end of each post, we’d love to hear from you.

Hope you enjoy the site!

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  1. Hey guys. Love your words, ideas and ethos, and thanks for the mention on your pages.

    If you ever want any of your bikes or builds featured, please feel free to use us to spread the work about you or your rides.

    1. Thanks Dutch! The feeling is mutual. We would love to showcase more of your work here on the site. We keep checking back to keep updated on your progress. You seem to have a bunch of cool guys collectively working on some great builds – which is very similar to what we are trying to do here at MotoPreserve.

  2. I came across this site while searching for some FZR600 Front Suspension upgrades … Very cool site and shop!

    it is weird because literally on Saturday I was in Brooklyn (eating everything at Smorgasburg) and I was hoping to come across a cool independent motorcycle shop in Williamsburg. Searched on Google with no success… But i could have sworn i’ve seen a couple shops on this show ‘Cafe Racer’!

    Oh well… I put down my email, shoot me the address of your shop and i’ll swing by next time i’m in NYC (Live in DC currently, but visit NYC all the time)


    1. We are not a traditional shop, but we certainly try to do the best work we can. Recently, we have been asked to perform some upgrades to bikes that we are familiar with, through our own experiences. I guess that’s how the whole mess starts. 🙂 There have been a couple friends from Brooklyn on Cafe racer TV, who do their work right near MotoPreserve.

  3. Hi guys, just found you kind of by accident. I had no idea there was such a cool place practically on my doorstep (I’m in Bed Stuy). I have a ’72 Bonneville that I ride daily. I’ll have to swing by and say hi…



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