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Welcome to MotoPreserve App Detail Page:

The MotoPreserve App is designed to give all motorcycle owners a place to document the work done to their bikes.  This includes everything from full customization to basic maintenance and repair.  We have developed an app that we hope is easy to use, while providing maximum functionality.

This page will explain basic app workflow, tips & tricks, and how to generally get the most out of MotoPreserve App.  Screenshots are provided at the bottom of the page for reference.



When you first open the App, all users will see a pop-up asking for permission to allow Push Notifications.  These notifications are used primarily to alert users to updates made to the Bike model database.  Allowing Push Notifications will keep you up to date, and well informed about any significant changes to the App.


The first page you arrive on when you open the App is the login/register page.

  • For first time users, follow the steps to create a new account.
  • Already have an account?  Just enter your email and password.

***PLEASE NOTE*** All accounts are privacy protected, and your data is your own.  MotoPreserve App uses your account information only to connect your App entries with your phone, in the case of backup and restore.


Once you have established your account, you will enter the GARAGE.

  • Touch the “+” in the upper right to add your first bike. 
  • Inside the “Add Bike” page you will have the opportunity to name your bike, choose the brand, the model and the year of your bike’s manufacture.  
  • Enter the current mileage of your Bike.  ***This will help later with any future MAINTENANCE items.***
  • If you need to edit any of the details related to your bike, swipe left at any time.

***PLEASE NOTE***  We are constantly adding new models to the database.  If your model is not listed or you see an error, please send us an email .  This will help to provide the best possible user experience. 


OK, you have created your first bike.  Time to get wrenching!

  • Touch the “+” to add a PROJECT.
  • Give you PROJECT a Name, pick a Category and write some initial Notes.
  • Close the Keyboard and hit the DONE button in the upper right.
  • On the next screen will be a prompt to add a thumbnail.  Take a photo or choose one from your iPhone library for quick visual reference to your PROJECT.
  • You now find yourself in the PROJECT DETAIL page. This is the heart of the PROJECTS section.  From here you can start adding photographs and adding and/or editing notes.  We like to use this area to fully capture and document the tasks we are working on.  It’s a great way to keep all details together about how a part looked BEFORE you removed it from the bike.  Or how are the carbs are assembled?  How did the bike looked before/after?  Remember, a picture is worth 1000 words…

We have included this tab to offer manufacturer data for quick reference.  The information is gathered from a variety of sources including; while personally working on bikes, online detective work, historic manufacturer shop manuals, etc.  Because there are thousands of motorcycle models, this is a Herculean task.  We are constantly adding new models to develop an accurate archive for your reference.  If you don’t see your bike listed, please shoot us an email.  We will do our best to include it in the next batch of models.

***PLEASE NOTE***  New model information is pushed from the cloud, therefore there is no need to update from the App Store.  While we do our best to provide detailed, accurate data, it is important that you cross-reference any information before making modifications to your motorcycle.  Keep your eyes peeled for a push notification on your phone regarding model updates.

  • Touch the “+” to add a new MAINTENANCE item.
  • On the next screen, you will have the opportunity to name the task, choose a Category, and enter some Notes.
  • If you would like to schedule a future MAINTENANCE task, flip the Reminder toggle switch and enter a mileage/hours.  The reminder will be set in the future, based on the Bike’s current mileage/hours entered.

***TIP*** For the most effective use of MAINTENANCE reminders, be sure to update your mileage in the upper area of the MAINTENANCE LOG screen.


We included this page to offer some great motorcycle maintenance how-to’s, tips, product reviews and some builder spotlights to give you some inspiration.  We will also be adding videos detailing how we personally use the App, which may help users get the most out of the experience.

***PLEASE NOTE*** You can check out the MotoPreserve App playlist on YouTube HERE:

Below are screenshots of the various pages for reference:

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MotoPreserve App Store

***PLEASE NOTE*** If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns; please feel free to shoot us an EMAIL