MotoPreserve App for iOS

MotoPreserve App for iOS.  Add some technology to your toolbox…

The MotoPreserve App has finally arrived!  Designed specifically for motorcycle enthusiasts, by motorcycle enthusiasts. MotoPreserve has developed an iOS App allowing motorcyclists to capture, document and share all the work and maintenance done on their bike(s).

The App was created to be a simple yet invaluable tool for all bike owners.  Born out of necessity; the App enables you to track everything from basic maintenance to full customization projects, using the modern technology we carry in our pocket. Whether it’s a vintage Triumph restoration, a blazing new Ducati Panigale or a full-blown custom creation all your own; MotoPreserve App is the right tool for the job.

A digital tool that helps document of all the blood, sweat and tears you pour into your bike.  The App provides instant recall of Categorized Information, Maintenance Schedules and Reminders, Manufacturer’s Stock Data, all at the touch of a button.  We have even added How-To and review videos from some of the best wrenchers on the motorcycle scene today.  Add a bike to the GARAGE, then easily document everything from basic maintenance to detailed customization. Simple moto-specific categories allow quick reference to all entries at any time, charting the course of your progress.

The first Moto-Specific wrenching app…

There are other apps that address generic vehicle maintenance, but so far none have offered moto-specific detail and information.  The MotoPreserve App provides manufacturer stock data (the list of bikes is growing all the time), the ability to store categorized info in one place, and even share your progress on social media. After years of toiling in the garage, sweating over builds that we wanted to get just right, we realized there needed to be an app that helped us do ALL of these things!

if you are anything like us, working on your bike involved documenting your work with zip-loc bags and sharpies.  Then you had to hope that scribbled notes and a failing memory would allow you to put the bike back together correctly.  After years of struggling with this antiquated method, it became clear that photographic visualization and associated notes was the key to complete a proper reassembly.

How it works…

For example: ever try to tune Mikuni carbs to work correctly with pods?  The “infinitely tunable” nature of these carbs can create massive confusion once you start swapping jets at a breakneck pace.  How are you supposed to remember what you did an hour ago, let alone last week?  Easy!  Chart your changes and progress in the MotoPreserve App, and all the info is there for easy reference, any time you need it (and in the case of Mikuni carbs, you WILL need it!).

Here’s another one for ya…

I changed the handlebars on the Yamaha XS650, which made it a MUCH cooler ride.  But because of the change, I needed to get a clutch cable that was different than the stock length.  A year later, when I needed to replace the clutch cable again, I couldn’t for the life of me recall what size I had ordered.  Now I just jot down the info in the app, and it’s easy to check back on what I did, no matter how long ago it was, and no matter how bad my memory gets!

Stay tuned!


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