MP Proj. 001 Honda CL 360 Part 12: Is this what we’re breathing???

Valves Before & After

After hours of scrubbing, scraping and willing the carbon off the valves of this Honda CL 360, I finally got them where I think they are about as clean as I can get them.  The Lead build-up was a bitch, but finally came off with some help from a brass wire brush attached to the drill.  The before and after shots make it pretty obvious what 35 years of combustion will do to metal.  The scary part…is this a condensed version of what we are breathing everyday?  This carbon was caked on, and the more I scrubbed the more I kept thinking “I need to quit smoking!”

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MP Proj. 001 Honda CL360 Part 7: valve leak test

Head: Pre-leak test

Although the last few posts about this build have probably been less than riveting, I have wanted to make sure I document the process as thoroughly as possible.  The mundane is often as important as the big moves that will be made, and this test is no exception.  I knew from the start that I would need new rings, after doing the compression test, and then confirmed it when I took the pistons out, and found that the oil rings were both cracked in half. Read More …