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Obviously a modeling career in the near future…

Our good friend Michael out in San Francisco has kept an eye out for great bikes in that city (think of it as “MotoPreserve West”), and doing a frame-up rebuild of his own, on a vintage Harley Davidson scooter called the Topper (their name for it, not his!).  We hope to have some photos and updates on that build soon, but in the meantime, he sent along some shots of a unique bike he spotted in his neighborhood… Read More …

A Custom Honda CB 750 F Supersport grows in Brooklyn…

One project old, one new...

A while back we posted a few photos of the 1967 Triumph that our friend Jarred brought back to life, before moving up to Brooklyn from his home state of Louisiana.  That bike is one of the most gorgeous, classic bikes we have seen in these parts, but being finished left Jarred with some time for a new build.  Enter a very friendly boss, who offered up not one, but two Honda CB 750‘s that had sat in a warehouse for quite some time…. Read More …

Best Craigslist Moto ad EVER!

This poor guy has reached his breaking point.  I got such a kick out of this, thinking about some of the frustrations I have had with my Honda CB550, that I had to share…

“1978 Honda CB750 F

Clear WI title, asking for $800 or best offer.

SATURDAY ONLY….$400 measly dollars. Seriously.

I’m just going to be honest, this bike is a piece of sh*t. I’ve ridden it 5 or 6 times this summer, and never without a headache. I’m tired of fighting with this b*tch and I want it gone. If I have to look at it sitting in my garage for one more week, I might just smash it to bits with a sledgehammer.

The problem is, my f*ckhead buddy thinks he’s a mechanic. It was his bike before it was mine, and he basically screwed up everything he ever touched on this bike. I got it in trade for some construction work and have spent my summer fixing his mistakes. I got it in May, and after a month of spitting, sweating, bleeding, and cursing, I finally got it running but every time i took it out, I ended up calling someone for a ride. (Note: I’m not a mechanic either, but at least I damn well know enough not to f*ck with sh*t I know nothing about.)


There is a short somewhere in the charging system and I can’t find it and I’m not looking for it anymore. There are a few other electrical gremlins, like a connector that needs replacing in the headlight area, a fried starter relay, and I think it needs a regulator/rectifier.
The carbs need to be rebuilt. I have an extra set that I will be happy to give to the next poor bastard that owns this c*nt.
I has a crummy rattle can paint job. (Another nice touch from my retarded friend.)
Various dents and dings, it’s 30 years old.
It leaks oil. Everywhere. I’m sick of cleaning it up.
It needs a complete set of gaskets. See above.

Good stuff:

It’s not a lost cause, I just don’t want to fuck with it anymore.
It’s complete, so it would be a good candidate for restoration.
Even with the bad paint, it looks pretty nice. The chrome is shiny and there is no rust, I’ve kept it very clean.
750’s are fast and fun to ride. I have seen some very nice cafe projects done with bikes just like this one.
The tires are pretty new, so is the battery.
It has a nice aftermarket 4-into-1 pipe that sounds great (when the sl*t actually runs).

So, maybe you’re a Honda nut and a good mechanic, and you want to do a project over the winter. Maybe you’d like to build a nice cafe racer. Hell, maybe you’re just an a$$hole with $800 who likes to punish himself, I don’t really care. I just want this f*cking wh*re out of my garage.

(I know it says $800, but I’d probably take $400 if you just come and get it the hell out of my life.)

I’m interested in trades. I’ll put some pics up tonight when I get home. The photo I added is NOT the bike in the ad, but it is the exact same model and year. Just a pic I lifted from the interweb.”

Dustin Kott is the Cafe Cowboy

I could have sworn I had posted this video before – but I guess not.  This short film, done by Benedict Campbell, highlights Cafe builder Dustin Kott in his element, a garage, surrounded by custom fabrication tools and vintage motorcycle parts.  Kott explains that he uses old Honda’s to develop a look that attempts to mimic the Brit Cafe Racers of the past, with pounding, welding and good old-fashioned elbow grease…