Final MotoGP Race: hair raising!

Courtesy of Superbike Planet

The final race of the 2011 season was held in Spain, and promised to be dramatic, regardless of the outcome.  Despite Casey Stoner already being crowned World Champion, the race had the air of drama due to the unfortunate death of up-and-comer Marco Simoncelli, in the previous race…. Read More …

World Champion leads the pack…again!

Courtesy of MotoGP

MotoGP world champion Casey Stoner led the pack in qualifying times again on Saturday, in Valencia, topping the next fastest rider by a 1/2 second.  The pole position secured, despite already having been crowned champion 2 races ago, and under the cloud of Marco Simoncelli’s death 2 weeks ago looming over the proceedings.  Read More …

Reflections on Marco Simoncelli's Death

Courtesy of MotoGP

The death of MotoGP racer Marco Simoncelli happened just 2 weekends ago.  In the time since the crash, there has been a ton of press coverage, and large tributes in Italy and around the world.  Top riders like Valentino Rossi, Casey Stoner and others have made pubic comments about the tragedy, trying to put some perspective on the event.  These comments come from riders who themselves are faced with an inevitable danger that looms over the sport.  Read More …

Marco Simoncelli RIP: MotoGP racer dies in crash

Courtesy of LA Times

Yesterday, MotoGP racer Marco Simoncelli , succumbed to injuries sustained in a lap 2 accident in the Malaysian Grand Prix.  Despite efforts by the on site medical staff to save him, the rider was pronounced dead, less than one hour after the crash.  Simoncelli lost control of his bike, and was subsequently hit by 2 riders who followed behind him on the track.  In the crash, American rider Colin Edwards was also injured, separating a shoulder, but remains in stable condition.  The other rider involved in the crash, Valentino Rossi, was able to keep his bike upright, and escaped without serious injury.

Simoncelli was known for a youthful, at times aggressive style.  Ironically, this crash was in no way caused by that style.  A loss of the front end put the bike down on the track, and then the front tire regained traction, pulling the bike across the track into the path of oncoming Edwards and Rossi.  The race was cancelled once the organizers became aware of the extend of the injuries.  Many riders issued official or social media statements, consoling Simoncelli’s family and friends.