Indian Larry Block Party 2011

Today was the block party thrown by the folks who keep the Indian Larry legend alive.  The bikers were out in droves, and the festivities produced no lack of revving motors…  If you are not familiar with Indian Larry, and his legacy as one of the original, premiere custom builders, check this out HERE.


Brooklyn Invitational Motorcycle Show: Part 1

Brooklyn Invitation motorcycle show 1

Brooklyn Invitation motorcycle show 1

Stopped by the Moto Show on North 14th yesterday, to check out all the builds, and snap a few shots.  A couple of the MotoPreserve Members were in attendance, and the festivities seemed to be ramping up to a full-blown party…  Read More …

Mods VS. Rockers: Chicago 2011

Found this on a cool site called Good Spark Garage.  This video is a little dated now, but it’s the best example we have found depicting the fun, bikes and camaraderie, that is produced by this gathering.  This Mods vs. Rockers event happens in several cities, but Chicago seems to be the biggest.  With approximately 3000 motorcycles, scooters and mopeds, the faithful are out in droves, and having a blast meeting other like-minded individuals.  This is something we would love to attend next year.