The 7 fastest production bikes in the world…

MV Augusta…beautiful but only 185 MPH.

Although the norm around here is geared more toward style than going fast, the folks at Moto Preserve are always interested in the technology behind speed.  Many of the members follow the MotoGP races, and have even flirted with the idea of vintage racing themselves.  With the introduction of the first “sport bike” into the garage, the 1993 Yamaha FZR600, we finally have a bike that modern speed demons trace their heritage to…

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Motorcycle Crash Tech….saving lives


National Geographic Channel recently aired a special about the new, modern technology of motorcycle crashes.  Highlighting 3 parts of the horrific reality, that every motorcyclist faces, whether racing or typical street and dirt riding.

The first part showcased the Italian company, Alpinestars.  This specialty garment manufacturer is using state-of-the-art sensors, sewn into racing leathers, to find how to best achieve safety while going down in a crash.

Amazing fact #1: for one race leather suit, an entire cow hide is used, along with 1 mile of thread.

The second part shows the rigors that helmet maker Nolan puts its helmets through, in attempts to make the safest skull protection.

Amazing fact #2: 80% of crashes effect the front of the helmet.  3% the back, and 2% the top.  Keep that in mind when you ride without a full faced helmet.

The last part takes you to the test track with Brake manufacturer Brembo.  Leading the world in racing brakes, these folks are making brakes that can stop a bike quicker than ever thought possible.  Using the example of a Ducati race bike, which can get to 100 mph in about 10 seconds, in about 450 feet, the same bike equipped with Brembo brakes stops in 300 feet.  Incredible!  Now I know what I want for Xmas!


Hogs in the ‘hood: Left for dead…

So Lonely...

I don’t see it too often, but now and again, I come across a bike that has been abandoned on the Brooklyn streets.  Is it stolen?  Was it not running, and the owner decided to leave it, lonely and rotting?  For some reason, this type of scene doesn’t surprise me with cars.  But when I see a bike like this, it just makes me sad.

This Yamaha had a cover on it two days ago, but it fell off, and now sits naked to the elements.  There are so many people who would love to get hold of this bike, and work it back to its original glory.  If only there was a place where misfit bikes could be matched with a new owner….

Oh yeah, Craigslist.  What was this guy thinking?

Covered Bridge Vintage Ride

This is an announcement from the folks over at the United States Classic Racing Association (USCRA), and looks like it could be really fun.  Not a race, but just a fun ride (and possibly camping) in the Catskills region of NY State.

Save the Date, Aug 13

2nd annual Covered Bridge Vintage Tour in Up State NY/Catskills. Spend the day on the nice twisties of Delaware and Otsego Counties. This is not a “ride in a line” event, but similar to the giro with a route sheet, but not competitive. Last year Guys seemed to find their own group with similar riding styles.

The route will be different this year, though there will be short times using the same as last year, but going the other way. We will NOT have the bridges as the focus. Curvey Roads will be!

Ride starts and ends in Walton NY. Bikes need to be at least 30 years old but there is no limit on displacement. Last year 30 bikes attended, from vintage Hondas, Several very nice BMW’s, Triumphs, a Guzzi Falcone, a pair of mint Nortons, a Zundapp 100 and the two ugliest Moto Guzzi Eldos I have ever seen. The plates read “Patina” and ” Tetanus”. Even an Ossa Firefly. I would love it if 50 bikes show up.

The event is free, but particiapants are welcome to contribute towards the BBQ and gas for the chase truck.

More details will be posted closer to the date, or call Jack Cole for info–607-865- seven seven one 4